Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 1 ... 8.16.12 ... The Great 28

2 months premature, weighing in a 2lbs. 14oz., August 16th was the day....that I was born into this World.  A bit of a miracle so I've always heard, I'm blessed beyond measure!  I HATE to be arrogant, but that pic on the left, just TOO CUTE, I LOVE IT!

I pretty much do it big EVERY birthday, I make SURE that my friends, family and loved ones are ALWAYS involved and we have a DAMN GOOD TIME!  So begins the CELEBRATION of...
THE GREAT 28 : )

Looks delicious right?! Well it WAS, I mean every bite of this carrot cake just melted in my mouth!  My friend Keesha took me to Truluck's, treated me for Restaurant Week, and it was just the sweetest thing EVER...she really touched my heart, took me by surprise,  I was so happy.  
It was the SWEETEST way to start my birthday weekend off.

FIRST, my job surprised the HELL out of me when I walked in...I mean I knew they decorated your desk on your birthday, but this took the cake...It was SO pretty!  One of my favorite colors is pink, but coincidentally, they paired it with green, AND I just so happened to wear my pearls, so YES the whole office thought I was an AKA lol SMH

The kicker, they're SO creative, they used the holes from the hole punched papers, for confetti...
It left a trail EVERYWHERE I walked in the office lol...I mean holes EVERYWHERE!
Then I got flowers, they were so pretty, one of my favorite colors, that hot coral, so pretty! They're sitting in my kitchen right now.  I don't have much of a green thumb, so I HOPE they last for a little while.


My night started at Houlihan's, one of my FAVORITE Happy Hour spots and some special people in my life came to help me bring 28 in, it was so sweet...and the weather outside was perfect, not too hot.
Felt so good, especially for a Summer night in August.

Started off with my Birthday Martini Flight...these ALWAYS put a smile on my face.
Chocolate Martini, The Guavatini and my FAVORITE The Key Lime Martini....that sweet & sour, mild yet PERFECT!

My mom got me these beautiful, vibrant, colorful flowers....SO PRETTY! I mean the colors, they just made me happy, like I said, I HOPE my inner green thumb kicks in, jumps out and they last for a little while.  They're just AMAZING, y'all KNOW I love colors! you can see, My Great 28, it started off just BEAUTIFULLY...I can't complain AT ALL and a smile has been on my face since yesterday, and the weekend is just gonna get better..
(more to come....)


Juicy Carter said...


M I N G said...

happy belated birthday! looks like a great time!!!

M I N G said...

happy belated birthday! looks like a great time!!!

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