Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beauty Review: e.l.f. blush & M.A.C Snob

I LOVE pink...I really do.
So these products below caught my eye RIGHT AWAY.
I'm an avid YouTube viewer, subscriber and I actually have my own channel: CHECK ME OUT!
So, anywho...watching some of fave YouTubers, there are so many products that are mentioned, it's RIDICULOUS, but one that sticks out ALL THE TIME is


It's a Satin color, sort of a Crayola pink color, sort of muted, almost the color of Pepto Bismol.  
I've seen it outlined with a brown lip liner, to add a little more color, but it's great for nude looks, neutral/natural looks, seeing as though it's not too bright of a color.  Snob is one of M.A.C's most popular colors...or so it seems!

I took a trip to Target, one of my favorite places, and I've been on the hunt lately for bright, Spring colors; colors that pop, make a statement, bright, bold, stand out...I decided to step out of the box with blush, once again with the pink, and e.l.f. Cosmetics caught my eye; that price will do it for ya.  

e.l.f Studio blush (from left to right) Pink Passion & Fuchsia Fusion
the Pink Passion, very bright, very bubblegum pink, almost like a doll, very fun & girly...the Fuchsia Fusion, more of a pinkish/purplish color, but still bright.  The purple hint is more of a bright lilac.

BELOW you'll see me wearing the Fuchsia Fusion blush with the Snob lipstick...cute right?
Great combo, this just MIGHT be a regular look for me!

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