Sunday, May 13, 2012

My NEW Favorites: MAC Cremesheen Glass

They're PERFECT for the Spring and that's the MAIN reason I HAD to have them!
I went to the MAC counter at Dallas Galleria, my weakness, and my make-up artist, Mr. Stevie was there...I KNEW I was in trouble then lol
I said, "Stevie! I need some pretty colors for the Spring.  Some pinks, some oranges..."

RIGHT AWAY he held up Partial To Pink Cremesheen Glass (on the right)...
I tried it on, I LOVED IT!
I decided, what the heck, lemme go ahead and pick out an orange, coral color, it won't hurt my pockets TOO much (going for $19.50 EACH)...color Richer, Lusher (on the left) caught my eye immediately!
So WHY am I so madly in love with this product?
The Cremesheen is a mix between MAC's Cremesheen lipstick and their lipglass, it's PERFECTION pretty much.  Not as much color as the lipstick, and not as little, sheer color as the lipglasses.  The thick texture, and just enough hint of color, it's the BEST!
I will DEFINITELY be purchasing MORE of these....SURE WILL!

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