Sunday, April 15, 2012

O.O.T.D./O.O.T.N. ... Brandy & A.G.'s Wedding ! ! !

COLOR BLOCKING is my thing!  I love it!  So many color combinations that you would never think looks so cute together.  This was a special occasion, so I wanted to do something different, something that POPPED.  The dress, I got from Target $24.99, it came black & tan, blue speckle and coral, which was what I wanted initially, but my size wasn't available.  My FAVORITE color.  
The shoes. Baker's OF COURSE. Always a winner, LOVE their shoes.  They are probably my most comfortable pair of shoes.  The bracelet was to add another piece of "POP", but not too much to go overboard.  I got A LOT of compliments on it all.

We now present to you, Mr. & Mrs. A.G. Ford ... YAAAAAY!
They are just the CUTEST couple, the ceremony was very relaxed, very chill, just like them...such sweet people.

Two bridesmaids, 4 groomsmen, not a huge bridal party.  Just right.  The bridesmaids wore two different black dresses, which I loved.  The colors were black, yellow & grey.  The groomsmen, they wore grey suits, with white button-ups and black ties.  The wooden background with the candlelit glass jars, reminded me of something from Pinterest, the whole setting was VERY intimate.

While the bridal party took pictures, were were treated to hors d'oeuvres....bruschetta, crunchy BBQ brisket tacos & not pictures was a green chili chicken enchilada cone of some sort, ALL DELISH!
And might I add, open wine bar ALL NIGHT, THE BEST!

The place setting, on the left, my favorite part was the lemon with your name pinned to it...SO CREATIVE! And we had lemonade OF COURSE.  And o the right, the bridesmaid's bouquets.

On the menu, and yes I cleaned my plate: Sun-Dried Tomato chicken, Julienne-cute veggies, Caesar Salad, mashed potatoes and a roll...DELISH!

My girls & I had a blast, and we all had on our colorful dresses, perfect for the Spring season.
The dessert selection, not one thing wasn't to my liking.
I believe the wedding cake was vanilla with vanilla icing, then there were plates & dishes of sorts with mini treats like brownies, strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese icing, and my TWO faves...the red velvet cake lollipops and the lemon cookies, OMG! If I could've taken the whole batch of each home, I WOULD HAVE lol

me & the bride Brandy, she's short...she had to stand on her tippy toes lol

CONGRATS to you two lovebirds....y'all both look BEAUTIFUL!!!

The guest sign-in book, instead of just plain ol' lines to write on, they had a picture book made, with their engagement pics, for us to sign on....SO freakin' creative!

We all had a BLAST!!!
The theme of the night...Y.O.L.O
(You Only Live Once, for the slow ones lol)


Juicy Carter said...

Cute! I love those colors together. I was just on Target's website and didn't see that dress, maybe I need to go up there lol.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Great pictures! I love weddings and your outfit was very chic! Looks like you had an amazing time.

Anonymous said...

I really LOVE this dress!

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