Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Poor Little Draya...or NO?!

Any people in the room that watch Basketball Wives L.A.?
Hands? Hands please....?
now we all know Ms. Draya Michele right?

Before this season of BBWLA, this is all I head HEARD about Draya:
-she was linked with Chris Brown, they dated
that's ALL...that's it
I've DEFINITELY been wanting to blog about this dramatic situation surrounding her, ESPECIALLY after this week's episode, it REALLY pissed me off (see below)

*blank stare*
Now, this is Episode 6...and what I don't understand is why these OLD ASS WOMEN choose to base their daily lives, or lack thereof, on digging up crap on Draya!
I mean as you can see, they actually planned a "Google date" to sit in front of a computer to find out what's up with her, which is CRAZY! They are OBSESSED with her!
My thing is this, ok so even IF the rumors of her neglecting her child are true (which the next day blogs went crazy and said that she did in fact do that stuff to her baby boy) that's HER business, HER past, NOT theirs, OMG!  She has to deal with the consequences... NOT Y'ALL!
What I REALLY hated, was how they tricked her into thinking that they're all about to hang out and have drinks and just have girl time, and then they just POUNCE on BIG BULLIES!
the BIGGEST point here, NONE of them have ANY room to talk, NONE of them!
ALL of those "ladies", and I use that term loosely, have skeletons in their closet...HUGE ONES!
And the one who had the nerve to walk out on the meeting, Big Ms. Laura, is the WORST one!
I guess she doesn't remember that she is the cause of all the drama about 2 years ago or so, I believe on Basketball Wives Miami....YOU SLEPT WITH A MARRIED MAN LAURA, we all know him as SHAQ!
Like I said, even if THAT certain rumor isn't true, and we know it is, it's still a rumor, and it doesn't look good AT ALL smh
IF I were Draya, I would've stood, told all of them to GO TO HELL and walked STRAIGHT up out of the place...DAMN RIGHT! She doesn't have to take that mess...UGH!
I could go on FOREVER and EVER on this subject, but this is just a LITTLE bit of what I think of it...
What do Y'ALL think about it? What would YOU do?!


lalaG said...

Hallelu! girl im glad someone else sees what i see. i hope they bring all that up during the reunion show!

Afrodeezha said...

Yeah, I don't know exactly what to believe asfar as Draya doing it, it isn't for me to believe or not.

The WAY they did her? Yeah that pissed me off! You're right, who are any of them to judge? I liked Jackie at first, but is it me or is she showing signs of bipolarity? First she wants to be Draya's friend, then she wants to bully her. Make up ya mind!

Laura....*smh* least she could've done was get a nose job with someone's money. Ijs She has anger issues. I can't believe she beat on her sister like that and that Gloria was cool with it. WTH?

Imani's ass is just a self-righteous snake. End of story.

Chay Chay said...

My thing is, even if she did it or not, that's HER choice and SHE will have to deal with the consequences, NO ONE ELSE! And if they don't want to hang with her, they can leave her be, Draya will be O-K. They must not know, she DOES have her OWN set of YOUNGER friends SMH.....and IMANI, I couldn't stand HER from the beginning, she is just SAD! smh

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