Sunday, August 7, 2011

my boo Trey Songz sets the record STRAIGHT

If you haven't heard it yet, you're missing out BIG TIME!

So, Drizzy Drake has been coming pretty hard on the emotional tip with his latest singles, Trust Issues, Marvin's Room, & his most recent one, Headlines....

Weeeell, looks like he's given OTHER artists a gateway and they're speaking their mind too, letting it all out, and I love it! I'm the type of music person that LOVES emotion.  Personally, I like when Drake sings, I like when he gets R&B on us, shows his soft side.

I'm a HUGE fan of Trey Songz, how he drips sex & sexy, and he's straight to the point with his vulgarity, YES!  This time around, he's speaking on ANY and ALL rumors that happen to be floating around about him....sets the record STRAIGHT (no pun intended) to Drake's "Headlines"...

Take a listen:

"Say I'm engaged on the internet, they're lyin'" (engagement rumors to Lauren London)
"Plus i stay up in some pu**y, tryna say a ni**a gay" (rumors that he's gay)
"Keep my d**k up in ya mouth, so it's f**k whatchu say" (tellin' EVERYBODY to STFU about him, leave him BE!)
"It's a movie, it's a massacre, and I'm bout to be Leatherface" (he's gonna be starring as the male lead in 2012's Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D)

I like how he topped it off with ... "It's Trey hoe! (I guess he tooooold us....)

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