Sunday, April 3, 2011


So there's this new reality show on VH1, Love & Hip Hop, comes on on Mondays 10/9 PM CST...I'm a reality show FREAK, so I'm glued to the TV when it comes on!  

The main characters are Jim Jones & his girlfriend Chrissy, she's the fiesty, aggressive, "down for her man" one, then there's Emily B., Fabolous' girlfriend/stylist, and last but not least Olivia, former 1st lady of G-Unit, and MS. SOMAYA REECE, up & coming rapper/new girl & Joe Budden's ex : )

Her situation is, she's tryna get out there in the rap game, I mean just like any other aspiring superstar.  Well, the problem is that she wants to work with Jim Jones, and Jim's girl Chrissy REALLY doesn't like that AT ALL.  In MY opinion, I think Chrissy is just nervous as to how JIM will react to being in a studio, ALONE, with a pretty woman.  I think it has a lot to do with insecurity on Chrissy's part.  I'm sure a lot of people disagree with me on that, but that's what I'm sticking with.

Some people's thoughts are that Chrissy is right for acting the way she does around Somaya.  And that way is messy, confrontational, loud, threatening, attitude that is SO un-called for.  Some say that they would act the same way that Chrissy would act, but I think it's just a LITTLE too over-protective.  I THINK that if Somaya wanted Jim, she could have him, cause at the end of the day, he's still a MAN...BUT of course, Chrissy doesn't want to get on her man Jim, oh NOOOOO, they always want to get on the woman.  I mean Somaya is a big, sexy woman, she's not ugly to me, at least, except for that bottom row of teeth, mixed with that top row of Porcelain veneers LoL!   

ANYWAYS....she's just tryna get into the music industry, well further into it, so you use what you have, and that source is Jim, POINT BLANK.  Chrissy I think is seeing it two ways:  Somaya is not a Nicki Minaj or a Lil' Kim, FAR from it, and Chrissy sees her working with Jim as a FAIL, because she's not that good, and it'll fukk with Jim's money, which is HER money, and their way of living.  Second, once again, Jim is working with a woman, some sort of a sex/video vixen, so of course her guard is going to be up, and she's going to be protective of Jim.  

OVERALL, so far on the show, Somaya is just trying to get her name and her voice out there, that is IT.  Now, I don't know what future episodes hold, but for now, I'm TEAM SOMAYA REECE LoL

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Anonymous said...

Today is the first day that I have actually seen the show and the reunion and I could not agree more with you. Chrissy is whack, insecure and too over protective. If she is so sure of what her 6 year relationship is made up of than why the need to push and press and PROPOSE marriage to your man?!! If it's meant to be it will happen on it's own!

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