Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MY Thoughts: Chris Brown's HIGHLY ANTICIPATED "F.A.M.E."

after my 1st listen....LOOOOOVE IT!  I mean I'm listening to it AS I blog, "Beautiful People", just ONE of my faves LoL!  Today has been a VERY exciting day for Chris Breezy (I mean besides the supposed blowup in his dressing room at Good Morning America...which I DO believe he had a reason to react like that!) & his OH-SO-LOYAL fans...SO many people have been waiting on this AWESOME day of March 22nd, we missed good ol' Chris, HE'S BAAAACK with F.A.M.E (Forgiving All My Enemies) !

I mean, I'VE had the CD for a good week or so already, SSSSSSSSHHHHH don't tell anybody, and I could NOT stop listening to it, it STAYED on repeat on the iPod!  It has such variety, so many different sounds, so many different rhythms, so many different beats, just here, there, and EVERYWHERE...I HONESTLY anticipated the next song before the current song was even close to over LoL!  

Starting with my FIRST fave, "Beautiful People"...this song REALLY gets me going in the morning, it wakes me ALL the way up, fist-pumping like a maniac in the car, FOR REAL! Check out the video below, I was TOO excited when I saw that Global Grind posted it:

THEEEEEEN, there's "Oh My Love"...when that beat dropped, I already KNEW I was gonna like it. It goes from hip-hop, to techno, then back again, then slows down during each verse, LOVE IT, especially the hook

NEXT is "Rock, Paper, Scissors"...it's CUTE, very flirtatious, I see the video being something like a pretty girl making him chase her, they have a connection, smiling at each other...that's just me lol

AND THEN I fell in love with, "She Ain't You"....I relate to this, but then again, I'm thinking about all of my exes, and THEM saying it hehehehehe lol...and then the BEST thing is, he uses that Michael Jackson/SWV sample, talk about HOTT!!

This song is right up there with "Beautiful People" for me..

Last but DAMN SURE not least, "Wet The Bed" Ft. Ludacris...now y'all KNOW Chris couldn't do it WITHOUT a "freak like me" song LoL...and I loves it!I mean, look at the damn title, right to the POINT! I likes that....and like I ALWAYS say, Chris can GET IT!

After listening to it OVER and OVER again...my OVERALL rating: A : 

Y'all go ahead and get that "F.A.M.E.", you will NOT be disappointed!


★Starrla Monae☆ said...


I absolutely LOVE the "Beautiful People" video!! The vibe is perfect for that song!

Of course I've had the album a couple of days before the actual release as well (but you didn't hear it from me lol)...My faves are "Up To You", "She Ain't You" "Beautiful People" and "Beg For It"...I love his voice on the ballads! It just does something to me!

Chay Chay said...

girl I can listen to "She Ain't You" like ALL DAY...I can relate on SO MANY levels to this song....Chris can ALWAYS get it LoL

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