Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The State Fair of TEXAS!

EVERY year, between the end of September and the middle of October, Dallas natives AND many out-of-towners, look forward to the biggest FOOD FEST of all time.  Well AT LEAST that's what it's famous for...
Usually, I go at least twice a year, but THIS year, I only got the pleasure of going ONCE...hey, it's better than nothing.  Cause I know if I would've missed out, I would've DIED!  When I tell you there is everything from Caramel Apples to Fried Zucchini there, and it's all SO GOOD!  There's also rides for the kiddies, AND grown-ups, exhibits, the car show is pretty popular too.  They showcase all the newest cars.  You can get in, get a feel for 'em, take pictures next to them, see what you MIGHT want to purchase next...all that good stuff.  BUT like I said, THE FOOD is the main reason that people from ALL OVER come to engage's THE BEST!  I literally don't eat the night before OR the day that I do go.  I'm telling y'all, it's something different at EVERY corner of the Fair...Ok, Ok, enough talking.  Let me just SHOW you what got my taste buds going...YUMMY!

Fried Banana was TO DIE FOR!

Fried Hostess Twinkie W/ Berry Sauce

the INFAMOUS slice of hamburger pizza...I have to get it EVERY year!

Fried Honey Bun W/ Ice Cream

My brother had a Fried Snickers W/ Ice Cream

And THEN I washed it ALL down with a Strawberry Daiquiri

I was as full as a TICK when I left that day, but EVERY Fair ticket was worth it, LoL!
I mean that's REALLY all I EVER go there to do is EAT...cause there is something new EVERY year..
Some of the OTHER food attractions, that I wanted but DIDN'T get the pleasure to try:
FRIED BEER (I'll Pass)
Fried Pop Tart
Fried Peanut Butter Macaroons
Fried Butter
Fried Bacon
Fried Sweet Potato Pie (I had this last year)
Fried Cookie Dough
Fletcher's Famous Corny Dogs (I have one EVERY year, the MINUTE we step foot in The Fair)
Fried Margarita
Fried Chili Frito Pie
...I mean the list goes ON and ON lol

After just LISTING all of that, I'm full...We went on the last day, yup, it's gone, BUT I know one thing...
EVERYONE should make a trip to Dallas for THE STATE FAIR OF TEXAS at least ONCE in their lives...
You WON'T regret it!


Tamina said...

your post just made me super duper JEALOUS- i need to fly to texas next year for this! omg fried twinkee?? <3

Chay Chay said...

yes, PLEASE can go with me, it's THE BEST! That was my first time trying it, and the berry sauce made it even better about SWEET TOOTH!

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