Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jersey Shore...I LOVE DRAMA!

Ok, so I have fallen in LOVE with this show this season! Last season, I REALLY didn't care for it...but judging from all the riff raff that has gone on THIS season, I'm SURE it's killing last season.  This post here is just to point out a few things that work my LAST NERVES every episode, cause they NEVER change *smh*

First is the good news....Vinny & Pauly D. are TOO CUTE!  I like Vinny cause he doesn't have all that damn gel in his head, none of that fake tanning, and he's just real calm & collected...SMOOTH OPERATOR is what I call him.  Now Pauly D., even though he is all the opposite of Vinny, tan & gel, his innocence & sarcasm are ADORABLE!  Being the baby, I think, of the group, it's just cute to me LoL!  Snooki, she cracks me UP! And the thing about it is, she's just being herself, no acting, no faking it, just being silly, crazy Snooki.  Oh & BTW...what happened to her this week? Did she go to jail or something?  I totally missed out.

Now to the "bad news"...and the Headliner: Sammie & Ron's "relationship".  It makes me sick to my stomach how DUMB Sam is, I mean it REALLY does!  How much proof does she need, to see that Ron is a dirty, jock bastard?!  J. WoWW explained it BEST: he gets drunk, makes out with numerous HOT ASS girls in the club, & then comes home, & gets in the bed with Sam, like it's routine.  CLEARLY that IS his routine...UgH!  As far as "the letter", I don't blame Snooki & J. WoWW for writing it, cause pretty much the whole damn house had given Sam enough clues, and she STILL was just like blowing it off.  And on the last episode, Snooki was saying that they did it because they're her friends and they care about her.  I see where Snooki was coming from.  I mean they were trying ANYTHING to make DUMB Sam see THE TRUTH!  Even The Situation was serious as a HEART ATTACK when he told her, and she starts that damn crying like she is SO DONE with Ron...but yet AND STILL, she's back all up under Ron like NOTHING happened.  I don't get it, I really don't!

And then! What killed ME! When J. WoWW and Sammie got into the fight, Ron decides to rack up his cool points and boost Sam's head up, by telling her she WHOOPED J. WoWW's ass...PUH-LEASE!  J. WoWW had Sammie on the ground a GOOD minute, HILARIOUS!  And Sammie ate up EVERY BIT of that mess that Ron was feeding her *smh*...and ONCE AGAIN, they're all lovey dovey again, LmAO! I GUESS...

Like J. WoWW said...Sammie is going to see the truth, it's going to come out...OH PLEASE BELIEVE! And when it does, Sammie is going to be embarrassed ONCE AGAIN, and cry, and feel SO STUPID. And you know what I'm going to do?!

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