Friday, August 13, 2010

What is a "Hot Ghetto Mess" you ask?

her eyebrows scare me....

you could be SO pretty boo...but this is just not wassup

can your legs breathe? like REALLY!

*singing* "somewheeeere over the rainbow....."


she would TERRIFY me if I had to check her out, OMG!

that POOR little baby...awwwwww!


Moni @ CL Journal said...

That last pic has me over here CRYING!!! LMAO!!

OMG! I so needed this today! Thanks!


mrs. halimah. said...

lawd have mercy.

Ms. King said...

I'm scared!!!....Lol

raeissuchadoll ♥ said...

they fly..whatchu talkin bout? =|

Da_Kween said...

That 2nd pic makes me think she's trying to imitate the character from "Cry Baby"...she need not do that. LOL

ALL these folks are TOE up! Does that chick have "Illuminati" tatted on her face? *sigh and head slap*

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