Saturday, June 26, 2010

Soulja Boy...WHAT?!

Ok....I'm not EVEN gonna lie, I mean I could see me & my girls GETTIN' IT in the club to this song, I'm feelin' that beat, but this video?! Can we say "LOW BUDGET"?! ... 1 GIRL and like 15 GUYS LoL!


***SIDE NOTE: I KNOW y'all see Diddy's FINE ASS stepson Quincy in the back with the red shirt...CUTIE!!! (his mother is Kim Porter, and his dad is Al B. Sure.  He had his Sweet 16 on MTV)***


Ms. King said...


Rae ♥ said...


lil' b..khleo thomas..ARAB?!
lawrd have mercy..why soulja..WHY?

T-Charry said...

the video just had NO POINT at all LOL! but the song...I'm FEELIN' IT!

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