Saturday, March 27, 2010

they are in fact: FINITO!

Actor Lance Gross & model/actress Eva Marcille are DONE!
I'm shocked really!  They were SO cute together, always smiling and ALWAYS together, but I guess you NEVER know what's going on, ESPECIALLY behind closed doors.
July 17th (wedding date) NO MORE! #sadface said that they have called off their engagement & the separation was pretty much MUTUAL.
they "seemed" so perfect....I mean really, I thought this was a "Match Made In Heaven"



Kayvona B said...

OMG are you serious!!?? They were so great together :( Thats really sad, I wonder what happened?

怡婷 said...

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Silvia Couture said...

sad..she's gorgeous! great post!


Kodaaaaa said...

Dopeee blog (:
I like it (:

check mine out,,
&& follow,, it would mean alot (:

Melanie! said...

lol @ that japanese/chinese comment

i'm so sad about Lance and Eva! I loved them!

T-Charry said...

i guess you NEEEEVER know what's going on BEHIND the cameras...I really thought they were just as close to perfect as anything. I mean they'll both be O-K I'm sure!

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