Friday, March 5, 2010

looks a

....Soooo, what's the explanation behind THIS video? LoL....AWKWARD!
All up on the counter & stuff...WoW! Old feelings coming back? lmao...hmmmmm?
SIDE NOTE: check out that bad a** tattoo on her leg as she steps out the car....LOVES IT!


Madame said...

I used to stan for Nivea when I was younger. I was excited about her having something new out (as we've only been bombarded with her baby-mama dealings and connection to Wayne) ... only to find his tail in (and the subject) this video ... lol. She's still rocking the colored hair streaks! Low budget yes, but as a former stan - I like it. ;P

T-Charry said...

her BEST was "Laundry Mat"...MAN! We was talkin' about that song last night, and the video was SO CUTE!

Ms. King said...


Supastarrr said...

I LOVE nivea but this mess looks GHETTO. How's Wayne your baby daddy && your video look like I shot it?

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