Sunday, January 17, 2010

Green Tea Diet...I'mma Try It

It's 2010, and I need to get my workout/eating/health regimen in order, and I mean FAST! Not only because it's a New Year, and I want a New Me, but also because my aunts and I have this contest going, our OWN "Biggest Loser 2010."  Each woman, ONLY WOMEN, NO MEN, put in $50...the pool is $350 total, and whoever loses the most weight, WINS!  We started on January 5th, and our FINAL weigh-in is in 3 weeks, on February 5th, and I want that money SOOOO bad.  We can pick our own poison, as far as HOW we choose to lose the weight.  I'm going with the healthy way, just working out and eating right, because I want the weight to stay off. NO pills, NEGATIVE!  Well, my girl Stephanie over at Steevie's Inner Sanctum told me about her green tea diet. I had heard about it, but I never tried it.  She drinks green tea all day, it suppresses her appetite, and then eats a little something at night, a small dinner.  She said that she loves it, and it really does work, and yes SOMETIMES temptation is a B***H, but she said it's working for her.  So, I thought to myself, "I stay busy at work, I occupy myself, so if I can just do that, drink my tea all day, workout & train, and eat a healthy dinner at night, that $$$ is as good as mine!"  I'm starting it tomorrow, a new week, so we'll see how things go, I'm EXCITED! WISH ME LUCK =)


Ms. King said...

I don't really like green tea. My mom used to drink it, it makes you go to the bathroom alot from what I've heard.

btw, I luv what you've done with the place! the banner is amazing :)

Elizabeth said...

it works. a friend of mine did it but you don't need to do it, you look fine the way you are!

T-Charry said...

yeah, my mom is a health nut and she said it works and YES it does make you go to the restroom, LoL! I'mma TRY not to drink a lot at the job, LoL! And I'm GLAD you like the new place Ms. King girl!

And Elizabeth girl, THANK YOU HUN!

Moni @ CL Journal said...

I am currently watching my weight and another thing that's great is lemon water. I get a large water bottle, squeeze fresh lemon in water and drink at room temperature. Then I eat all day fruits, veggies, salads, oatmeal for breakfast, and I drink green tea all day as well.

But no matter what, you have to keep on moving and exercise. So far so good. 6 pounds off in two weeks.

T-Charry said...

so, that diet is going well, I got a trainer and I'm on my 2nd week of workouts, I'm SO proud of myself!

I TRY to drink a glass of green tea every morning, I am on cranberry-pomegranate right's DELISH!

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