Sunday, January 17, 2010

American Idol?! NO...American Psycho!

ok, so we ALL know the tryouts for American Idol are REALLY the most-watched episodes during the American Idol seasons....well this guy, is the answer to "WHY?" (jaw dropped the whole time lmao)


Stephanie said...

OMG ROTFLMAO!!!!! Awwww he's soooo bitter!!!

Ms. King said...

Oh my! well that is not nice...he really needs to learn to take constructive critism more better.

and please don't start dogging Mary J....If she couldn't sing how did she make it this far in the biz?

Anonymous said...


T-Charry said...

he wasn't SINGING he was YELLING, it was just TOO much and then he wants to get personal with it, lmao!

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