Monday, December 7, 2009

Twitter #TT

SO....I started my job today, it was AWESOME, I liked it...they welcomed me with open arms, thank ya JESUS!  My boss ISN'T big on using your cell phones A LOT, BUT he wasn't there today, & I was still discreet with it, & I flocked straight TO Twitter, UberTwitter for the BlackBerry, OF COURSE!  IT was REALLY busy today, I've NEVER had to reply to so much, and it was GREAT, love a busy Twitter day! 
Now, you all know the Trending Topics (#TT) right?! Well today ONE of the trending topics, or at least between myself & some of my friends, was got HILARIOUS! And all of it was SO TRUE! Take a look at what some people HATE:

#ThingsIHateAtDaGym women that do inappropriate stretches all in my face.... #movearound


#ThingsIHateAtDaGym when da chinese folk be showin up in jeans pulled too high up and a polo tucked in wit socks and sandals. WTF

#ThingsIHateAtDaGym whn ppl changn n da bathroom get all naked n shyt. Bitch go n the stall I ain't tryna c yo wrankly ass titties!


#ThingsIHateAtDaGym when ppl do the aerobics class & do shit totally diff than the instructor cuz they off beat lol #removeyourself

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