Friday, December 4, 2009

Louis V. FAVES!

The Epi Collection(s) are probably my FAVORITES...they're so classic & simple & that texture is what I love!  It's a little bit more glossy & shiny now though.  I have the black, duffel bag carry-on, for my shoes, I wear that thing OUT! But this is coming from someone who ALSO LOVES the Stephen Sprouse Collection, LoL! NOTHING simple about that.

(L-R)....Epi Electric Pont-Neuf PM, Epi Electric Alma, Epi Electric Astrid Wallet, & Epi Electric Zippy Coin Pursesource


MalibuMara said...

i never liked the epi,
im a Damier Azur and sprouse fan too! lol
i have a few mongrams and one azur,
i want a mirrored or sprouse
the takashi murakami one are my all time faves though besides the sprouse

T-Charry said...

oh yes, the Damier Azur, that cream color is nice, love it! And of course the classic brown Louis V monogram AWESOME!

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