Monday, December 21, 2009

I Want a "Clean & Clear" face

I have ALWAYS had an extra-oily face, not just my T-Zone, but like ALL's DISGUSTING!  I've been trying to find the right products without having to spend an arm & a leg.  I tried Lush, and I LOVED their products, but I don't have time to go to the mall EVERY TIME I need to replenish, so I was at Wal Mart tonight, doing my grocery shopping and I decided to try some Clean & Clear products.  I already had the moisturizer & the on-the-spot treatment, so I decided to try the exfoliating facial cleanser to complete the set, ya know?  And PLUS exfoliation IS what you need to clear off all the day's dirt from your face, so here's what I have....

I hope this works, I REALLY do!  If y'all have any recommendations for me, let me know...I would APPRECIATE it, I'll try anything once, & if it works, COOL BEANS!


Tasha said...

I used them when i was in high school. Really worked then but now i stick to those products i blogged about LOL

Jessica said...

I use that moisturizer every morning. I really like it, not too greasy and I like that it also helps prevent breakouts. Plus CHEAP skincare products are always a bonus!

T-Charry said...

so far, so good, but I'm going to get my Lush products soon & try the clay mask from Origins, I've heard alot of people talk about Origins

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