Wednesday, December 2, 2009

his LOVE for me

so....R. Kelly's CD "UNTITLED" came out yesterday, and like I said my boo got up bright & early to go and get it.  I've heard good things about it so far, and last night we were on the phone and he said that he wanted me to hear this song on the CD called "Religious".  Now I remember when I first heard about this song, and I heard like the first 5 seconds of it and it didn't really impress me, but NOW I have a TOTAL change of heart.  Why you ask?! I listened to it while I was on the phone with him, and he sent a text saying "go get it (the CD) and there's a song on there that I wanna dedicate 2 u"....y'all it was SO sweet, I wanted to cry! Just listen to the words...I LOVE this song now!


MilesPerHour said...

We all have certain songs that move us and they aren't necessarily the "hits". I can think of about 5 that shoot through me each time I hear them.

T-Charry said...

he really touched my heart and moved me when he did this for me..."i love me some him!"

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