Saturday, December 12, 2009

for your HOLIDAY sweet tooth

LOOK WHAT I GOT!  Doesn't it look GOOD?! LoL!
Thank you MalibuMara hun, HAPPY HOLIDAYS :-)

HONESTLY, I just CAN'T give this to a specific number of my followers, all of y'all are just the BEST!
So....from ME to YOU my loves, hope you enjoy it, cause I know I will =)


sssdawna said...

aww that was sweet! it's funny because this is the only time of year i eat peppermint LOL

Ms. King said...

awww thank u now I have 2...hee hee

MalibuMara said...

your welcome,
i love your blog i had to give it to you

T-Charry said...

I'm glad you all liked your sweet treat...and Ms. MalibuMara, I'M TRYIN' to get on your level with my blog girl, cause I LOVE yours!

Ms. King said...

I'm following u :)...Thanx 4 visiting my blog

T-Charry said...

you are SO very welcome chica!

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