Wednesday, December 2, 2009

COMFY & COZY for this snow!

black peacoat - New York & Company
green sweater - Talbots
white camisole - Marshall's
dark denim jeans - Forever 21 (Faith 21)
brown riding boots - Agaci

I had to bundle up this morning...y'all, it was SNOWING, like coming down HARD! I felt like a little girl all over again, LoL! Of course it didn't stick though...this is Texas, that never happens, UgH! I was SO tempted to stay in the bed, it was so warm & cozy, but NOPE...duty calls!

my poor little plant just died on me...I don't have a "Green Thumb"AND it's FREEZING outside, but I try so hard cause I LOVE pretty plants, my poor baby :-(


ms.downlow said...

No Snow in Cali! This is beautiful, but I only enjoyed this kind of weather when I was a little kid.

T-Charry said...

I can't believe it was snowing in Houston AND Baton Rouge yesterday...& it was sticking, WoW!
On this day, when I took these pics, it was BEAUTIFUL when it came down, but afterwards, it was a wet, nasty mess, YuCK!

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