Wednesday, November 25, 2009

you CAN'T be for real!

So, I was just thinkin' about how CRAZY my weekend is going to be...leaving for New Orleans/Baton Rouge for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Spending time AWAY from home for one of the BEST weekends ever...BAYOU CLASSIC WEEKEND 2009, OmG!  My family here in Dallas has been calling me "anti-family" since I won't be home with them for Thanksgiving, seeing as though I usually leave the day AFTER Thanksgiving for this HUGE event.  They'll be ok, they just like to mess with me, make me feel bad, LoL!

So yeah, it's gonna be myself & 7 other girls, doing it BIG, and might I add we're ALL very attractive women (I WILL be taking pics)...I don't mean to brag, BUT I give credit where credit is due!  So I already know how a typical "greeting" will be ALL while we're in New Orleans this weekend.  Whatever you have on, THAT will be your calling, lol, and I am so serious.

So, for instance, I might have on some triflin' dude, I PROMISE, will be like: "SAY PURPLE! SAY SAY PURPLE?!" yes y'all, that is what they do, LMAO! It is the worst EVER! And so once you notice that you're wearing purple, you're like "OmG! Is this dude serious?!" Did he REALLY think I'd be like some of these other dumb ducks and go running like, "Hey boo!" NO SIR! I am a lady not some dog or something.  AND THEN they have the NERVE to get mad if you ignore them or say you look back at them and THEN ignore them, OH THEY HATE THAT! I mean what do you expect?! Probably have liquor ALL IN their system, and think you can pull ANYTHING because you got your boys around and you THINK you look good....BOO BYE, take that s**t somewhere else, LOL!

I'm telling y'all, I am going to have a BLAST this weekend, BUT I know we will be dealing with some "FOOLERY" on another level, LOL! A HOT MESS! You all have a GREAT Thanksgiving holiday, be good, have fun with the fam, eat alot, well not too much to where you get that "itis" (y'all know what I'm talkin' about, where you wanna fall asleep after a big meal) and BE THANKFUL!

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Anonymous said...

Haha that Big Bird pic is hilarious. Happy Thanksgiving ma! Have fuuuun!

T-Charry said...

I mean, he is a BIG BIRD...that's a lot of meat, LOL!

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