Wednesday, November 25, 2009

MORE Rih Rih for ya!

and I have to say...she is SO off key, & NO it's not just her "different" voice...she's EVERYWHERE with the notes, LOL!


MalibuMara said...

ugh, this was so bad,
shes so sad and he songs all like depressing,
but anywho,
about the header what do you want on it ?
or what were you thinking of for it

T-Charry said...

wasn't it just BAD! LoL! soooo bad...bless her no singing heart, but a GREAT performer, LoL!
So yeah, like I was telling you, I want like a personal collage like of pics of me and things that I'm interested in, things that are on my blog...I want my blog to make a statement when people go onto feel me? =)

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