Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Pretty Wednesday"

i found out...I need to start taking the pics in my BATHROOM mirror...MUCH clearer, LoL!

black cardigan - Charlotte Russe
grey jeans - Gap
white sleveless sweater - Forever 21
lime green camisole - Marshalls
necklace - ALDO
green moccassins (that you can't see) - Old Navy


Katlynne LaSalle said...

You look BEAUTIFUL! Working this look with those bodacious TA TAs!

Love it, Love You!!

Pin said...

Cute! {And I love your bathroom curtain!}

T-Charry said...

thank you Katlynne my love!
and you see me huh?! I take pride in my TATAs, LoL!
love you too boo!

and Pin...girl, thank it from WAL-MART!

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