Saturday, November 7, 2009

LOVE MAC Giveaway!

the BEAUTIFUL Nancy Lauren is having a GIVEAWAY just because..HOW SWEET!
 the prize: 1 MAC Compact w/ 4 pressed MAC Pigments (Golden Olive, Vanilla, Heritage Rouge & Circa Plum) (all labeled & have magnets) & she's also including little cute things that aren't in this picture =)

NOW, to enter...FOLLOW the rules:
-Be a follower on her blog
-Have a VALID blog (don't open blog just to join contests...not cool!)
-Spread the word! You can post a quick link to your blog about it
-Comment & tell her  what you think of her blogspot in ONE word!
-International blog lovers are OK

-Contest ends November 30th

GOOD LUCK to all!

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