Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Hills Episode 8 RECAP

  • Kristin & Brody go on a lunch date
  • Kristin tells Brody that Jayde wants to meet up with her to discuss some things
  • Brody tells her she's crazy if she meets with Jayde...cause Jayde is PSYCHO!
  • Brody does mention that he still keeps in contact with her, but Kristin shrugs it off, she just wants him to be happy
  • Heidi visits her therapist about Spencer not wanting babies
  • like ANY human being, the therapist says they should have talked about this before marriage
  • the therapist advises Heidi to wait on babies
  • Heidi says she's going to stop taking her BC pills and SURPRISE Spencer with pregnancy...DUMB!
  • Brody & his boys go chill and bring up the Jayde-Kristin fight @ the club
  • they're ALL on Team Kristin .... YES!
  • Brody tells them about the meeting that Jayde wants to have with Kristin
  • Brody's boys think it's BAD NEWS...just a sneaky way for Jayde to get points with Brody
  • that night, Kristin & Jayde meet up...Jayde is there first
  • Jayde starts by wantintg to know what is the situation between Kristin & Brody?
  • Kristin thinks that before Jayde tried to jump her in the club, she should've tried to talk to her 1st
  • Jayde says that she DIDN'T attack Kristin (LIAR!)
  • Jayde thinks that Kristin being around Brody is complicating her & Brody's relationship
  • Kristin mentions that her and Brody have been friends for 5 years, and it was never a problem
  • Jayde is not hearing anything that Kristin has to say & she says, "Go back to where u came from."
  • Kristin, FED UP, calls Jayde a "bitch" & leaves out...leaving Jayde looking STU-PID, lmao!
  • Kristin meets up with Lo, talks about the HORRIBLE meeting with her & Jayde
  • Kristin says she DOES respect Jayde for meeting with her, unlike Audrina who stood her up
  • Lo asks Kristin does she think Jayde & Brody will get back together? Kristin, w/ a smirk, says "NO"
  • Heidi & Audrina meet up to talk about Heidi's HORRIBLE scheme against Spencer
  • she mentions "I always get what I want" ...that's a DAMN SHAME!
  • Brody & Jayde meet up for dinner to talk about her meeting with Kristin, they start off arguing
  • Jayde wants Kristin to back off, but Brody says he can do whatever he wants, they're not dating
  • Brody is frustrated, Jayde doesn't want to fight anymore, she misses him & wants to get back together
  • Brody & Kristin meet up AGAIN and talk about his meeting with Jayde
  • Krisitin's shocked when he says he might try to work things out with Jayde, she wishes him the best
  • Kristin doesn't think that he's happy and he could be with a better girl HINT HINT
  • Heidi has dinner ready for Spencer when he comes home, apologizing about pressuring for kids
  • of course she can't wait for "dessert" LoL
  • Stacie & Kristin talk about Kristin's dinner with Brody & how him & Jayde are getting back together
  • Kristin plays a voicemails from Justin Bobby about him & Audrina being OVER & blah blah blah
  • she doesn't know if she's going to call him back, she's just sick of the town & all the boys
  • So, Stacie & Kristin pack their bags & head to Vegas...right then & there...I WISH!
TUNE IN TONIGHT for a NEW episode of THE HILLS @ 10/9 PM CST on MTV...WHOO-HOO!


stilettolover91 said...

I can't wait for tonight's episode!! I love this show!!!


T-Charry said...

girl, that Vegas episode was CRAZY! I couldn't BELIEVE Justin drove to Vegas...Kristin HAS done something fierce to him, she put that OO-WEE voodoo on him, lmao!

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