Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wisdom & Weather

Have you ever noticed that WHENEVER you're in the presence of a senior citizen, they LOVE to talk, just have a little small talk, so adorable? And of course, you can't help but to talk with them, BUT have you noticed that their conversation starter is pretty much ALWAYS about the weather?! I just ran an errand for my grandmother, "Grammy", gotta love her, and I was sitting in the waiting room of her doctor's office and this little, old black lady sitting next to me, proceeded to say, "It's just a beautiful day outside!" LoL! And that began our little talk. I guess it's just so easy to talk about and go on & on about, so I mean WHY NOT talk about the weather? Old people are so cute!


Da_Kween said...

lmao...so funny. I was just talking to my sweetie and telling him how WACK it is to start your convo that way...but you're right. It's cute when old folks do it.

"Oooh wee, it getting cold out!" and THERE begins my grandmother's intro into her interrogation of when I'm gonna get married and have babies! lol

T-Charry said...

yes, just cute when they do it, LoL!

and girl, at least your grandmother starts with the weather, mine on the other hand...she just comes right out with the interrogation, LMAO!

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