Friday, October 9, 2009

Try the "Urban" look

I always walk into Urban Outfitters @ Northpark Mall here in Dallas, but I never seem to buy anything. The ONLY thing I've EVER gotten from there is my Obama shirt that I LOVE to death. They have some of the CUTEST things, for the home (love their wall paintings & artwork) & to wear, but honestly, that place is a little up there as far as price is concerned, I mean that's just me. So, anyways, seeing as though it's like 50 degrees out here in Dallas, I thought I would pick out like my Top 5 coats @ Urban Outfitters, cause WHO KNOWS? I might end up investing in one of them for the Fall/Winter season. Take a look:

reminds me of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"... when you need some color in your life

just classy...

look @ that high collar & the charcoal grey! LOVE IT!

the cream color & the color are what got me....

Rapscallion by Samantha Pleet Souvenier Jacket $118

the rounded bottom is what's different about this jacket...very girly

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