Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Michelle Obama is a doll! LITERALLY, she's a doll! Well action-figure to be exact. Yup, she's joining her hubby, President Barack Obama, in the toy world. This "American Idol" can stand on her own AND she'll be sporting many of her famous sleeveless outfits, such as the red & black dress she wore on Election night. You can pre-order the toys for $13 @ Jailbreak Toys...what a collector's item! Gotta love Michelle! (check out the detail in her hair, I LOVE IT!)

pic courtesy Cool Hunting


Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

Are u serious??? A doll/action figure??? WOW.. that's ground-breaking!lol!

~Nina of *AF*

T-Charry said...

Obamas are taking over the world, one "creation" @ a time, LoL! I LOVE IT!

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