Wednesday, October 7, 2009

J. Lo's Motherly Scent

Mother FIRST, wife, actress, & singer Jennifer Lopez is back on the scene with her newest ad campaign, "My Glow" campaign, for her new cozy, floral fragrance, J.Lo My Glow. She told People magazine...

“The inspiration for the fragrance My Glow came from where I am right now, a place of happiness and fulfillment at this intimate stage in my life,"

“There is a special glow that women get when they’re pregnant and when they are falling in love with their babies. I wanted My Glow to be for all women to be able to connect with this intimacy and love.”

The fragrance will make its debut, exclusively on HSN on October 7th....more perfume choices for me!

pics courtesy of People
(and no, the baby above is NOT Emme or Max - one of her twins)

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