Friday, October 30, 2009

The Hills Episode 5 RECAP

nothing BUT drama...I mean what did you expect?! LoL!

  • Kristin & Stacie (the bartender) throw a beach party @ their house...EVERYONE is invited
  • Brody & Jayde argue about Brody going, but he insists HE'S GOING!
  • Back at the Pratt home, Heidi is babysitting little Enzo and Kristin' party comes up.  Heidi says that Holly is going, but she won't drink as much.  Spencer calls Holly's bluff, but Heidi thinks that Spencer is wrong about her sister.
  • Holly is one of the first to arrive @ the party, she pours up a drink OF COURSE (Jack & Coke)
  • Kristin gets a text from Justin Bobby: "Sorry Boo. Strike two. I'll call you later. She's fed up with it and Brody says that he'll get on Justin's ass (that's so cute & sweet of him)
  • Meanwhile, Holly is having a party ALL by herself, loving life, DRUNK, and Stephanie pulls her aside to make sure that she's ok, and hasn't had to much to drink, and like a DRUNK Holly says she's fine when CLEARLY the whole party knows she's not, LoL!
  • SURPRISINGLY Justin shows up, the text was a joke, he was playin' with Kristin all along, but she STILL didn't like it...Brody talks to Justin, all he can say is "Tough" HA!
  • Jayde made a surprise visit to the house, didn't tell Brody, so he didn't like that...she said she didn't say anything to him when she got there because he was "too busy" talking to Kristin, WHATEVER
  • At Audrina's, Lo comes over, Audrina tells Lo about her & Justin's talk on the rooftop...Lo insists that Justin is CLEARLY not over her.
  • Kristin EMPHASIZES to Justin how mad she was about the trick text, he says well I made it, so let's just drop it, and Kristin says she just listens to what everyone says about him.  She told him that if he didn't show it, it was gonna be OVER
  • Back in the house Jayde is crying because Brody sarcastically called her "Queen Jayde", so she's DOGGING him to her friends, Brody hears her, gives her a few words, and says "He's done" and storms out to the balcony
  • The next morning Stacie jokes with Kristin about still liking Brody, and Kristin says that she WAS having more fun with Brody than Justin and "jokes" about dating him again (she knows she wants Brody back!)
  • Heidi & Stephanie met with Holly @ The Pratt house to talk to her about her drinking, Holly is NOT having it, and she storms out of the house, AND flips the bird, LMAO!
  • Back @ Brody's condo, Jayde is there...talking about the night at the party.  Brody says that Jayde embarrassed him at the party, but Jayde comes back saying that she thinks that Kristin still likes Brody, and she asks Brody does he still have feelings for her, and he says "he doesn't know" and that blows Jayde up.  She storms out telling him to call her when he figures out EXACTLY what he wants...OUCH, LoL!
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Neesh B Fly said...

LOL Wow i see we have another hills fan i be missing shows so thanks for the recap haven't been watching it really Lauren's gone so it kinda suck but kirsten kinda make it watchable..

T-Charry said...

girl, The Hills is my s**t! And I like it BETTER with Lauren gone. She was so BLAH to me, Kristin adds a lot more excitement to the show DEFINITELY!

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