Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Hills Episode 4 RECAP

....because I forgot to recap Episode 3, LoL!
(I'm gonna do this the EASY way from now on, cool? COOL BEANS)

  • Kristin goes home to Laguna to blow off some steam, and she tells her dad about Justin Bobby, and what type of guy he is...she tells the truth about him too, that he's not exactly Beaver Cleaver, LoL!
  • After seeing Holly WASTED @ Brent Bolthouse's party, Heidi & Stephanie meet up to talk about it, and Stephanie states that Holly is like that when they always hang Heidi & Spencer meet up with Holly to tell her about her drinking. She agrees that it's not a good look, and she will concentrate more on her career.
  • Kristin goes to visit Brody @ his condo...simple talk about her intentions with Justin Bobby, he thinks that Kristin talking to Justin Bobby is sort of a revenge thing, but Kristin SWEARS it's not, and I BELIEVE her, LoL!
  • on Episode 3, Justin Bobby stood up Kristin @ Brody's surprise birthday party that Jade threw for him...can you tell she's catching feelings?! Episode 4, he surprises her @ her Malibu beach house by cooking her dinner, he apologizes to her, and they disappear into the bedrooom for the night.
  • on Episode 3, Audrina went on a date with her friend, that she met throught Justin Bobby, Mr. Derek (bad idea), Justin Bobby & Audrina meet up towards the end of Episode 4 on some restaurant rooftop to talk so that when they DO see each other around, it's not uncomfortable & awkward.  He gets REAL with her tells her like it is, it wasn't cool to go out with Derek, you'd hate if the tables were turned and I did it to you...SO TRUE!  He DOES tell Audrina that he cooked for Kristin and that it's nothing serious between them, just friends, and that's it. He does add that he will ALWAYS have feelings for Audrina and he will NEVER be able to say that ANYTHING was better than Audrina...DAAAAAAMN! but he also says, he doesn't want to stop Audrina from dating whoever she wants to, including Derek, HA!
Tune in next Tuesday, 10/9PM CST for some MORE...and that episode is gonna be GOOD, from what I saw on the preview...CAN'T WAIT!

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