Thursday, October 15, 2009

CRAVING Attention..SMH!

Ok, so earlier today, EVERYONE was talkin' about "Balloon Boy"...well apparently this morning, Falcon, the little boy, was playing outside with one of his two older brothers when the older boy said he saw the younger one go into a box at the bottom of the balloon.

The balloon somehow got loose and took off. It was airborne for more than two hours and glided through two counties.

Well, turns out the boy was found hiding at home, in a cardboard box in the attic above the garage,hours after a frantic search and ALL of the world thought the WORST, LoL...OmG! the family was on CNN tonight, and you know the WORLD is thinkin' that this was an accident, well just LISTEN to what the boy says...straight FOOLED all of us, damn parents, don't make NO sense!

my co-worker brought up a VERY valid point..the parents did this ALL to market that damn air balloon, try to make some money, LoL! I mean that thing WAS flyin'!


ms. downlow said...

Love you and your blog!!

I'm obviously doing the wrong things to get attention! I've got to think outside the box, let my imagination soar like a hot air ballon...the boy was never in any danger.

But, I could never make police, fire, and other rescue agencies use up time and resources on my prank. No, gotta do this one more brilliantly.

Thanks so much for being here for me! When you stop by and leave comments, it reminds me to visit you and speak up, too!

T-Charry said...

Once are SO very welcome...anytime hun!

Girl, that's just a MESSED UP family, for real, I'mma pray for them, LoL!

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