Wednesday, October 21, 2009

cheap Decor...gotta love it!

of course I'm talking about the MECCA of all furniture stores...IKEA, this place is THE BEST, and I get occassional emails from them on sales, what's new, what's featured & it's SALE time...they're low prices have LOWERED, here's a few items that caught MY eye...

FORSYTIA bedspread $49.99 --->$29.99

HOPEN 8-drawer chest $299 ---> $249

HOPEN 4-drawer chest $199 ---> $149

GRANAS table & four chairs/5pcs. $249 ---> $179
When I was moving into my apatment, I found this EXACT IKEA set on Craigs List for $ was priced in the store @ $250, I scooped it RIGHT on up, no hesitation...I LOVE IT!

EXPEDIT shelving unit $79.99 ---> $59.99

MARTORP nest of tables/3pcs. $99.99 ---> $49.99

SKANKA cookware/6pcs. $49.99 ---> $29.99

HENRIKSDAL chair $89.99 ---> $59.99

BEDDINGE LOVAS sofa bed $249 ---> $199
what a GREAT buy & steal, WoW!

MIKAEL desk $79.99 ---> $49.99

ORGEL floor lamp $24.99 ---> $19.99

GREAT buys people, DON'T miss out...and if you DON'T have an IKEA near you, poor thing, cause it is TO DIE FOR!


supa.starrr said...

oooh i love the drawer chests!
I need to be on their email list too lol

Scientific Housewife said...

I definitely bought the Hopen 6 drawer dresser when it was full price for my bedroom... boo.

T-Charry said...

@ supa.starrr...the opaque glass on the front of the drawers is what MAKES those drawers

@ Scientific Housewife...that's how it ALWAYS happens, LoL!

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