Saturday, September 26, 2009

What it do? Talk?!

Blackberry is on a roll! This new site that I heard about, via @TamekaRaymond on Twitter, is called Luxist and she mentioned that they feattured a pretty spiffy, & expensive NEW Blackberry. It's being called "the World's most expensive Blackberry", designed by Alexander Amosu, whose company "Amosu Luxury Ltd offers exclusive, luxury, limited edition mobile phones with a personal touch!"
This freakin' thing, the Blackberry Curve 8900, features nearly 29 carats of diamonds which is over 4,450 individual stones, & THEN to top it off, it's drenched in 18K gold, WTF?! It's expected to sell for $240,000, and Amosu plans on selling only three, and one has ALREADY been sold to a client of his in the Middle East....can we say BAAAALLIN'?!?!?!

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