Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This "thing"

Today is the start of another week, and I do have a lot on my mind, not bad things, just things...things going on, things that I have to do, things that are left unsolved and undone, things that are coming up, just THINGS! This one "thing" that I am confused about, it's not necessarily killing me, or keeping me down, it's just causing me to be lost. I don't get it, still, LoL! I can't even do anything BUT laugh at it, really. Men, what do y'all want? What's a good woman? I know I'm a good woman, a damn good woman, and sorry to sound cliche, but I hate to toot my own horn, but "beep, beep" damn it! When a man lays it all on so thick, when HE is the one who says, "I love you" first, when HE is miserable without you some days that HE doesn't talk to you, when HE talks about you as if you are the world, when HE sends you sweet things everyday, when HE is the first person you talk to before you go to bed and the first person you speak to every morning, when HE leaves voice mails that make you melt, honestly...what would you think? honestly, damn...that's a good man, HE'S a keeper, HE could be the one, HE is too good to be true, Lord please let this work. then it just STOPS....just like that, nothing, no response, no explanation, no closure, no nothing, like HE wasn't you, it's crazy, that's how it was. So serious...
Like Letoya Luckett...I'm "Lazy", but I'm so happy, because I know that it wasn't me, I gave my all, I made sure that HE was comfortable, I made sure that I was doing right by him....and the thing is we weren't even together, crazy huh? Go figure....one day HE'LL come around...issue maybe? personal? private? as far as I know, and what I think...was it all a game? Was it a joke? What was it? Maybe I'll never know....until then, "On To The Next One" like Jay-Z says....keep smiling (letting it all out as you can see)....

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