Thursday, September 17, 2009


SOOOOO....2009 State Farm Bayou Classic is like RIGHT around the corner, & that's what I look forward to like EVERY year! Got my:

Airplane ticket?...CHECK
Outfit(s)?...hmmmm, let's see what
Forever 21 (my fave store) has to offer

Sleveless Printed Dress...pair this with some knee high, high-heel, black boots

Brushed Plaid 3Q Dress...I likes this, I see it with some dark brown riding boots, like the ones I have

Audrey Ruffle Shirt Dress...perfect with some full-length black leggings, my mid-level "motorcycle" boots & my black leather jacket, OH YES I see it!

Brandy Woven Top....ok so yeah, this one? Show a little "boobage", in the classiest way possible, CLASSIC leather bomber jacket, no collar, black leggings & I'm thinking a splash of color with the footwear, ANY COLOR!

So....that' a few of my "potential" choices, things COULD change soon, maybe even tomorrow, BUT for now, whatchu like?

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