Friday, September 25, 2009

On-The-Go Fashion Fixes

Lookin' on MSN's Lifestyle page, always helpful, & I came across a VERY HELPFUL, quick sorta "Black Book" of fashion fixes....Remember Mrs. Laura Bennett? From Season 3 of Project Runway? Pregnant, proper red-head? I LOVED HER...well she's come to the rescue!
Lint EVERYWHERE?! just take a baby wipe, & wipe away...easy huh?

Bra Straps showing? take BLACK safety pins (Mrs. Bennett's fave) & pin the straps together in the back to create a razorback bra, AHA!

Snag in your sweater? You know that little loop of thread that sticks out like a sore thumb?! well DON'T CUT IT! Take a pin, & pull the loop through to the backside of the sweater & place CLEAR nail polish, just a dab, around the area...snag fixed

Button coming loose? Hanging on it's last leg, or should I say last thread? ONCE AGAIN take CLEAR nail polish & put a little drop on the thread to stop it from unraveling, until you can get home to sew it on tightly.

BIG BOOBS causing your shirt not to lay right in the front? Forming sort of a peek-a-boo hole in between the buttons? I have this problem ALL THE TIME! Well, take double-stick tape and place it where needed, to close the gap, & VOILA! NO MORE PEEP SHOW =)

there ya have it ladies, & some gentlemen....hope this helps!!!!

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