Thursday, September 24, 2009

L.O.L. Book Club is BACK!

Yes, you read right, L.O.L. is BACK, we has a little, well a LONG summer hiatus, BUT it's that time again, and we are SO EXCITED! My girl "CD" will be hosting, and this is her FIRST, so this is going to be PURE GREATNESS =)

The book that we chose, well it was between:


...."Quarterlife Crisis..." WON, majority rules =(

Either way, it's going to be SUCH interesting convo for this meeting because FIRST, we all love to talk and are all such different individuals, we're pretty much all over 25, lookin for "The One', and deciding what we want to do with our life to ensure that we are satisfied with EVERY decision we make....this is the time where we should know what direction we want to go in in life. So ladies, check out these reading choices, you may like them, you may not, but whatever, "Reading Is Fundamental" LoL!

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