Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Hills Episode 1 RECAP

Ok, so there's no more LC...yes, we miss her, but I'M sure The Hills will be O-K without her, LoL! But, as stated yesterday, Ms. Cavallari is back, and from jump, things got exciting, and I LOVED IT!

Spencer & Heidi had a sort of "Welcome back from our Honeymoon" party and EVERYONE was invited of course. Well Kristin, being the social butterfly that she is, she spoke to everyone, and didn't give a damn about what you said about her, and she spoke to Justin Bobby (they met on the last episode at Spencer & Heidi's wedding) with a little twinkle in her eye, LoL! Well that just blew the top off of EVERYTHING! Stephanie & Audrina just GO OFF for NO reason! Just because they've heard things about Kristin, and her reputation of taking men, and blah, blah, blah, LoL! All she was doing was SPEAKING to Justin Bobby, damn!

So Stephanie & Audrina get REAL BOLD and go up to Kristin and they're telling her that she needs to stay away from Justin Bobby and how dare you? And all this CRAP, cause Justin Bobby has MOVED ON and Audrina CLEARLY thinks that NO ONE can date him.

First of all, Kristin is NOT FRIENDS with Audrina, so her talking to him, or trying to hook up with him is PERFECTLY fine, that does not break the "Friends dating other friend's boyfriends" rule. And Justin Bobby played Audrina to the left ANYWAYS by saying last night that him & Audrina were never even official....DAMN!

What worked my nerves was that Stephanie acted like Audrina couldn't speak for herself, and Kristin called her out on that too, I'm glad she did. Audrina is SCARY & Kristin will WHOOP HER ASS, and isn't afraid to do it, lmao!

That was the highlight of last night's episode, I SWEAR!

And then Spencer has this infatuation with this Cowboy look....cowboy boots & a Cowboy hat...HILARIOUS, lmao! and judging from the later episodes & the previews, he's going to CONTINUE wearing that mess, lmao!

OVERALL, The Hills is going to be nothing but DRAMA! DRAMA! DRAMA! this season...YES!


Confessionelle said...

Thanks for the re-cap. I'm not a big Hills fan, but I like to watch it every now and then. It's so funny how ridiculous the group is. Even though Kristen has no obligation to Audrina, for LA to be the 2nd largest city in the USA, has it ever occurred to them that they could try dating outside their circle? It just seems like they like to recycle partners a lot!?!

T-Charry said...

giiiiirl, The Hills is MY SHOW! You have GOT to watch this season, I've been a TRUE fan since they were Laguna Beach, LoL! And YES, you would think they would want maybe a GROWN ASS man who isn't in that little circle of theirs and pish-poshes all that mess away...but that's their problem, they just can't venture away, so sad! Girl, I promise, you'll LOVE The Hills =)

Ms Plume said...

DANG! I missed it. I wanted to see it JUST b/c Kristin was gonna be on. I love me some LC, but Kristin is fine fill-in. LOL

I can't stand Spencer's ass...he's such a mangina. AND you're right. Kristin wouldn't be violating. She's not friends with ANY of them so it's fair game!

T-Charry said...

i like Kristin EVEN MORE now that she has come back...she is TOO funny, & so bold, LoL!

And Spencer was SO WRONG for putting a deposit down on that don't do that, you're married now YOU DOUCHE! It's not just YOUR decision! He is just too selfish, ugh!

...& Justin & THAT'S SEXAY ; )

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