Thursday, September 3, 2009

'09 Fall Fashion Trends!

PEPLUM JACKETS...great with black tights & skinny jeans...dress them up!

NEON PINK...looks great on ALL skin tones... if you don't want THAT much pink, brighten up an outfit with an accessory, to give it a splash of color!

ONE SHOULDER draws attention to the shoulder (an erogenous zone might I add) & the SMILE because that's where all eyes will be!

LEATHER PANTS...they fit CLOSE to the body, real snug...OH! They tend to erase 5 pounds as well...LOVE IT!

BIG SHOULDER JACKETS...this 80s inspired trend brings volume to the shoulders...makes posture seem stronger...slims the waist too!

CHAIN COVERED forward...hard, rocker look, yet still feminine & girly at the same time!

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