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i am the PRIZE!

Ladies, you are the Prize!
Stop Running in Behind Them
By Sonya Walker

We live in a society where we are taught to give of ourselves and it doesn't matter whether or not that they are even deserving of what you have to offer. We live in a society where women are taught not to ask for what you want but just give and keep on giving. So what ends up happening is that we settle for the lesser option, so that at least we can say we got something. For example, you want a relationship and they just want sex or to just be a friend with benefits and we settle for the benefits because something is better than nothing. As women we are taught that we are to pursue men like we are chasing our dreams but I came to let you know that you are the prize. We settle because we believe that this is all that God can give us.

Webster defines a prize as something exceptionally desirable. Women we are the prize, so often times we try so hard to prove or to show them that we are good women that we bend over backwards. I have found out that maybe the problem is that we need to stop trying to show them, if they can't see that you are valuable then maybe God has someone else for you who will appreciate you not just as any woman but as a great woman of substance and as someone who is exceptionally desirable. I believe that often times the problem is that we see the men as the prize and we compete for them but the bible tell us differently. Never in the bible will you read where a woman would chase a man and if she did she was considered a prostitute not a woman of God. When Jacob saw Rachel he wanted God to give her to him so bad that he worked for her because he saw her as the prize.

Now when Jacob saw Rachel he kissed her and lifted up his voice and wept. Now Jacob loved Rachel; so he told the father I will serve you for seven years for Rachel your younger daughter.
Genesis 29 (read the entire story)

You see Rachel didn't have to do a thing in order to get Jacob to love her. I believe that Beyonce was on to something when she said, 'if you like it then you should have put a ring on it.' I believe that we should walk around being the beautiful women that we are and not put forth any effort to prove that we are worth having. When we go to department stores we can look and see which stores are cheap and which one's are expensive. We know before walking in that either I am going to just look around or either I am going to make a purchase simply because we know what we can afford. Ladies, you are the prize stop falling for the trick of the devil when he tells you that you must settle for less. Look at it this way when runners enter a race they enter in order to win the prize, you don't see the prize jumping off the stand and saying, 'hey, I am coming after you, don't you want me.' Know it just sits there being beautiful and when the runner sees the value of the prize they train for it, enter into it and run for it in order to receive it. They haven't touched it, rubbed it, played with it, they just saw it and was determined I have to make it mine.

Then why are we chasing in behind them. We quote the scripture all the time he who finds a wife find a good thing but do you understand the revelation of the scripture. Look at it, doesn't it say when he finds not a woman but a wife meaning she was already a wife when he met her and she didn't have to prove who she was because when he met her he could see her potential. Then the scripture goes on to say, that he will obtain favor from the Lord. Look at that when he finds you (looking for you, searching for you, not the other way around) he gets the prize, 'the favor of God.' Girls, don't you know that you are the prize and when he wins you over then he gets you the prize and the favor of God. You remember the commercial where the man would say, I got a winner, and I think I got a winner when he believes he just won the lotto.

I will close with this, my son made a comment to me the other day. He said, 'momma I hope you get paid a lot of money for what you do, because you put your heart into it, so I hope they know who they are getting.' Then he said on yesterday, 'momma where did you go the other night I said out to dinner and he asked did they treat you and I said yes, he said, 'you mean to tell me you didn't pay, now that you are moving they want to do something for you,' I was taken by his statement but as I write you what my son was telling me is that momma you are valuable and that you have always been worthy but you were selling yourself short. After years of giving which is what I love to do, I never stopped long enough to receive it. I must confess that I minister to women all over the country telling them how valuable that they are that I had to be reminded of how valuable I am. A young lady, who is like my little sister, said to me 'get freedom in this, and if they don't like it oh well, it's their lost.' I wonder ladies are you going to stop long enough to let people show you that you are valuable to them or will you keep trying to prove to people who you are? I can honestly say, I am going to stop trying to prove myself and will you join me on the stand as the prizes we really are?

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