Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baton Rouge is BIG TIME now...

WELL...not really =(
so...I was in Baton Rouge for a little mini-vacay about 2 weeks ago, and I kept hearing everyone talk about this DVD called "Thuggin' It & Lovin' It". Something about triflin' ni**as throwin' up they're hood, reppin' where they're from, it's guns, drugs, and just a lot of stuff in the movie. So I FINALLY got to see what everyone was talkin' about. When I say, that I shook my head the WHOLE time, and my jaw was dropped in disbelief at what I was seeing and how these grown a** men were acting for a camera. It was so triflin' and just such a hot mess, I couldn't stop yelling at the TV, and thinkin' "You will never amount to anything in life, you'll be a nobody thinking and acting like this, this is not cute...poppin' pills and carrying guns, wtf?! Livin' & dyin' in the streets?! Ok..." JUST DUMB...take a look at what I'm talkin' about, channel 2 news in Baton Rouge did a story:

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