Thursday, July 23, 2009

you wanna know what's on MY mind...

1. Why are all these celebrities taking their clothes off on Twitter? Twitter is the devil, LMAO! I mean there's "Twitter beef" damn near EVERYDAY between one celebrity and another, it's a HOT MESS! And to "follow" someone, I mean, it just sounds like you're saying, "I'm a groupie for you, I love you, I wanna know EVERYTHING that you do, everywhere you go"!

2. tell me WHY did Solange cut her hair? Why?! Everyone doesn't have the head to do that, LOL! Then, it's not like she has a GREAT grade of hair to do it. I mean if you're gonna cut it, put some mango butter on it, tie it up with a do-rag, and make it look smooth and neat, do SOMETHING! Her facial structure isn't strong enough, it's just not wassup. She looks like she could be one of Juelz's little play pals, lmao...I'm just sayin', lawd!

3. EVERYONE needs to go cop Trey Songz mixtape, "Anticipation"'s a PLAY through, I mean I've listened to it non stop since I got it on Tuesday, i LOVE IT, with his SEXAY ASS! Also, Musiq Soulchild's "OnMyRadio" and Maxwell's "BLACKsummers'night"....all GOOD music!

4. So, the T.O. Show premiered on Monday, what'd you think?! I liked it, I mean of course it's not COMPLETE reality, you can TOTALLY tell that some of it's scripted, but forget all that, his body is like a GOD, lawd have mercy. That thang looks good! And I love his attitude, I really do, he's arrogant, ok...SO WHAT! He's not the only one in the world, it's just that he's an athlete, so we see it on T.V. first hand....get over it, stop being so sensitive. And his publicists, Kita & Mo, I wish they would let him breathe! I mean when he wakes up, they're there. I think Kita, she's the one with the big, bug eyes right? Well whichever one she, I think she likes him, on the slick...

5. Amber Rose....HOTT?! I think so...NO HOMO! She is one sexay B***h!!!!
Not everyone can pull of a blonde, well whatever color she is at that time, bald-fade ;-)

6. oh, and shots out to my girl, Jessica Carter, representing Baton Rouge....her blog
First Bite is wassup. Pretty much critiquing food and letting the world know what SHE thinks. I check it like everyday, she's doing the damn thing!

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