Friday, April 3, 2009

this place is my FAVE!

So, we've BEEN having this AMAZING place called ORANGE CUP in Dallas, it's sorta like PinkBerry in Cali...i LOVE it! It's like melt in your mouth, so good, so natural, sweet, yet tart & sour, I am ADDICTED to it. My FAVE combo is NATURAL as my base, just a pure, blank, great canvas, topped with Capn' Crunch...THAT'S IT! Sometimes, I'll add pineapples, and that is even better, but I likes to keep it simple, and it sounds boring, but I PROMISE if you go, you will not stop going, it's GREATNESS! For my local DFW people, visit Northpark Mall or Stonebriar Mall in Frisco...ya CAN'T miss it =)

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