Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Carjacking or Crazy Fan?

Michael Irvin was just minding his business, driving to the gym around 9pm Tuesday evening, when some men pulled up beside him and pulled a gun out on him. Mike was rollin' in a new white Range Rover when he did notice a black truck following him to the stoplight. The passsenger rolled down his window and just pulled the gun out and pointed it at Mike. It doesn't stop there though, the carjackers recognized him! LMAO! WoooooW!

"He put it away, because he recognized me. He said, 'Hey, Mike Irvin, what's up? Mike Irving, man, we are big Cowboy fans,'" Irvin said.

This is oddly funny to me, I mean who tries to carjack FROM the car, ON the passenger side?! WTF?!

Glad he's safe =)

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