Monday, January 12, 2009

10 Ways to LOSE 5 Pounds...WOW!

1. Eat cheese-increases intake of stress easing B vitamins (Cortisol-stress related hormone)

2. Try wearing a high ponytail teased at the crown-this makes your face look leaner; your bone structure will be front and center.

3. Before hitting the town, get in about 10-15 pushups; this temporarily boosts muscle tone

4. Working out on, or standing on a low-frequency vibrating platform eases bloating and helps build muscle and reduce fat...try the

Slim Shots appetite controller (one or two of these 20 calorie doses of palm & oat oil blend help cut caloric intake up to 30% daily)

6. Sprinkle cinnamon into cappuccino; half a teaspoon has been found to lower blood-sugar levels, which will regulate insulin (fat-storing hormone)

7. Contour your makeup; apply highlighter from apples of cheeks to ears

8. Ditch diet sodas-artificial sweeteners cause bloating; drink H2O

9. Pose with the right posture; the right one can make you look 5 pounds lighter (I utilized this over the weekend, and it WORKS):
-head up
-chin down
-shoulders squared
-arms AWAY from torso
-hips turned
-one foot in front

10. Carry an oversized, duffel bag purse-they make you look more petite in contrast


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