Monday, December 29, 2008

New Monday Nights on MTV ! ! !

So....The Hills are over for now, OH TRUST, it will be back next season!
Now it's Whitney's time! She has picked up EVERYTHING and she's movin' on HUGE things in the Big Apple, which include a job at international design house Diane Von Furstenberg (that's enough in itself) and a WHOLE NEW environment on the East Coast...we'll see how Ms. Port adapts =)

PREMIERES tonight on MTV @ 10PM ET/PT...can't wait

Guess who else has a show as well?! BRODY! Yes ladies and gentleman, EVERYONE pretty much has a show nowadays, LOL! Bromance (I'm not really feelin' the title, a little, I guess you could say GAY!) That's my opinion. That doesn't mean I won't watch the show, cause I LOVE Brody, he's a sweetie. So basically, he's lookin' for a bestie, POINT BLANK (reminds me of Paris Hilton's My New BFF, right?!) So, check it out...should be HILARIOUS!

PREMIERES tonight 9PM ET/PT =)

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