Monday, May 13, 2013

Rue107...A "PLUS"

Instagram is DEFINITELY the newest place to find the newest fashions, I mean EVERYONE is selling EVERYTHING on through the visually awesome, social network or pictures galore.  Well, I was getting in my usual "Likes" last week and I was specifically looking for swimsuits, seeing as though I WILL be sporting a sexy two-piece this Summer, YES I WILL!  I don't know whose Instagram page I came across, BUT I came across the fabulously bright and fun pieces from RUE107.  I had never heard or this here site, so I was so excited to stumble upon something new, ESPECIALLY for the curvaceous girl! Lately I've fallen head-over-heels for the high-waisted swimsuit bottoms, I mean the vintage look, just TOO CUTE!  And what do you know, LOOK what I found:

Are these all not TOO cute & jazzy?! I mean I would rock ALL of these with the QUICKNESS!  Not only do they have the plus-size swimsuits, there's clothes as well...and my favorite, DRESSES!  Specifically the "going out with the girls", "let's get a drink", "time for a vacay" dress.  Stock up on them because you know how it is when the weekend comes, you ALWAYS need to go to the mall to find something to wear lol...

Sizes go up to 3X and the average price is right around $100....CAN'T BEAT THAT!!!

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